Muslim’s Anger: Real Or Fake?

Few days ago while I was checking out my FB account I found few messages with the same text: dont open Google or Youtube bla bla bla.. US offending Muslims.. Movie..
that was strange so I tried to see what is the noise about.
I was in vacation away from all sources of news so when I searched I found what I expected: a movie called “Innocence of Islam” offending Muslims and Islam big time.

Yet I didnt watch the trailer, but I know what in it. Anyway the important isnt the movie as it is not the first try to offend Islam but the important thing was the reaction, what would Muslims do?
later I knew there were few protests in some Islamic countries, few empassies burnt down and the amb of US in Libya killed.
Some may think: wow! This is big thing! big response! but no it is not. first I heard I thought about something like: “Arabic countries cutting off oil exports to US causing huge losses” but then I remembered I was thinking about Muslims.

As I see the movie wasnt for no purpose, the killing of US amb is a proof.
My theory says after Ghaddafi killed and Libya became under control US wasnt pleased, Why? It has partners! France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and China had parts of the cake too.
So it is like this: US amb killed in Libya > US will response > full-scale invasion (on ground just like Iraq) > Libya is all for US and nobody else will have any oil from it!

So this “Muslim rage” is all made up, another proof is why the insulting cartoons in French newspapers were ignored totally! (google it as I wont post the image)
and I can proove that with few examples when big things happened while Muslims reaction was nothing.

#1 Burning Al-Aqsa Mosque (one of the most holy places of Muslims on earth).
Aug21, 1969 an Austraian Israeli burnt down the famous Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem – Palestine. with more than 200million muslims in the surrounding countries of Israel the expected reaction was all muslims going to break into Palestine kicking Israelis out after they burnt down one of the most holy places for Muslims.
That never happened and as shiekhs wanted the whole story was ignored and kind of forgot.

#2 Israeli War against Lebanon (July War) in 2006.
in July 2006 Israel decided to invade the Arabic country with the lowest Muslim percentage between all: Lebanon.
In 33 days Israeli jets made it rain bombs over Lebanon. thousands killed and over 1.5 millions had to leave thier homes.
It left over 1 million unexploded Cluster bombs.
the whole war was on TV all the time and everyone saw the mass destruction in Lebanon.
Muslims’ reaction? Ignoring the whole story (some took Israel side).

#3 Gaza war 2008.
In 2008 summer Israel started a war against palestinians of Gaza (the most crowded place ever).
War was more like a big Holocaust with palestinians being bombed 24/7 while they have noplace to escape. It happened before the eyes of the world. Even after the war the Gaza district was under siege (it is still) and like usual Muslims never reacted with anything.

Maybe I have to mention burning the Quran (Muslims’ holy book) in puplic, photos and videos of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan peein on Quran. This never made a reaction either.

I guess it needs no more evidences that Muslims wont react unless when told by thier shiekhs (which are all US controled).
So basicly US is fully controling Muslims’ rage but in un-direct way and that is why I can’t believe any kind of Islamic Rage.

So after all I have no doupt in my theory that killing the amb was planned.
as I see MENA is heading to a new invasion and new Sykes�Picot Agreement but with more than two parts.


Syria: Sweet Dream To Freaking Nightmare In 555Days

*Photo: member of Berri family (many members killed in very ugly way, search youtube for it) being killed by FSA terrorists in Aleppo city.

*I am talking about Syria (my homeland) in this article.

This used to be a good peaceful land, at least it was in my 21 years alive. It was never a rich country with lotta money and high standards of life but wasnt too poor either.
We had many positive and negative things, but between them peace and security were the best advantages while lack of real democracy, lack of real political life and limits on freedom were the biggest disadvantages.

In general the government were bad, high rates of corruption and big whales just getting bigger stealing state money. Nobody liked that so population wanted reform, wanted change.
We wanted change, got little hope that soon disappeared.

Then out of nowhere in the southern Syria protests asking for “freedom and reform” showed. As a matter of fact that made me feel good even thought it felt strange as that area has the lowest education rates in the country.

I thought: as people pressure going up that will force gov to make steps toward reform. That didnt last for too long, in April 2011 things took another turn and it the protests became “religious” leaded by radical salafis and that made us woried. Soon phrases like spreaded showing one ugly fact that our “freedom dream” was false.

With help of salafis TV stations that ideas started to spread and it moved into fights instead of protests.
they started attacking SAA (Syrian Arabic Army) units and did lotta sectarian killing in order to put it into fire.

In few months it became militias fighting the army destroying everything they can. Sectarian tension went up and the whole country seemed to collapse.
In most places things like hearing gunshots or explosions became normal things that happen all the time.

Till now it is still taking the same road, clashes and bombing all over the country. Battles moves from city to city causing mass destruction and huge losses of human lives. Sectarian face of the movement was always showed (even thought media showed it as freedom fight with no sectarianism at all).

Many will ask who covered those acts? who gave money? who gave weapons?
Western countries played it undercover in the start, denying funding militias or giving them weapons.
Lately they turned to open-table play saying it outloud they are giving weapons, connection tools and support to the militias while GCC (Gulf countries) were the funding people.

Niether AQ (AlQaeda) or MB (Muslim Brotherhood) tried to act under cover, they said it out loud they are doing “Jihad” in Syria asking all fighters (terrorists) to join them.

They did joined and now they fighters from abroad are the majority. Mostly from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and many other countries they came here for one thing: KILL.

Thier aim “KILL” wasnt for nothing, they wanted the 72 virgins that they were told they will have in heaven if they did “jihad”. Ways of killing were more like horror movies than real world: cutting throats, cutting into pieces while alive, burning alive or even throwing from high buildings.
This changed my ideas about man kind, I started believing that humans are more like monsters.

So after 555 days of the start it changed from “freedom and democracy revolution” to “Jihad to make pure Islamic state after killing minorities”
That is how a beautiful dream turned to become a dark nightmare that we wanna end it in any possible way.

*I dont like gov, still wanna freedom and democracy in Syria but that cant be achieved by terrorism and “Islamic State”

*few examples of terrorism in Syria. +18 very graphic and not suitable for kids.

throwing bodies into the river in Hama city

cutting a security man’s head in Dara’

throwing post office workers from the windows, Baab – Aleppo

Few Words About: Religion

In an 80s radio broadcast the Lebanense singer composer and author Ziad AlRahbani said the following:
it is not a big deal if I believe or dont in the existance of God, it wont matter as if God is real then he is big, very big and sure wont care if a little small human like me thinking about him! If God is real then he is hearing me now and he is the only to choose who go to paradise or hell as he knows who are the good and bad people.

I am not trying to attack any religion or ask people to be athiests, I myself am religious and believer.
What am aiming to is showing difference between believing and being a radical who use religion as a cover for his acts.

Religions were here to make a direct connection between humans and thier creater as I believe, that isnt the way it is used now.
Now days it is more like a way to dominate the mass of people using it as a cover adding kind of “holiness” on every act of the ones using it.

If this world have a chance to survive sure it is not by religious fights and killing, people should start accepting diversity and difference.
Yet I never knew about anything good happened as a result of religious wars: blood, hate, killing and lotta bad things showing the dark side of humanity or in another words the beastly side of humanity.

In all the history of religious wars I cant really see it reflected the reality of religions but more like reflecting the people who controled it, it was more like a cover of human greed in many occasions (crussade wars, Islamic invasions and in the now days Lebanense and Iraqi civil wars are all examples).
This “holy” wars brought only suffer and hate to humanity and in most cases they were not about religion but only to achieve things using religious cover to make normal people follow.

We need to forget our differences and focus on what is in common to build the world we can ALL live in peace in it.
everybody have the right to pray the way they want or to not pray at all but nobody has the right to kill for religious reasons, nobody has the right to force thoughts or ideas over others.

When you disrespect the others freedom of thinking you give them the right to disrespect yours as well, and that will push the world more and more to collapse. We just need to respect FREEDOM of choice and that may help us a little making less suffer and hate in this world.

Big Questions Of A Little Boy: Peace

When I was a little kid I used to ask many questions, my parents were in full time job trying to answer thier little boy questions. One question that I never had a real convincsig answer is: Why is the world full of wars and why cant people live in peace? After I grew up I found out why, no real answer but everyday passing gave me more reasons to believe the only way humanity is moving to is the collapse.

Peace is only available in the minds of dreamers like me, everyday is carrying more tension, more wars and more steps away from the happy peaceful world we want. Rich elite getting even richer dominating the whole world making that group harder and harder to join as big whales eating small fishes while still majority of humans living in poor bad conditions and in Africa dying of hunger.

This land (Syria) once had relatively peace in the last few decades, even thought democracy or freedom wasnt in thier best shapes but at least there were a chance to live. This all ended 18 months ago as the war started, not any war but the worst kind of wars: a sectarian civil war taking “freedom” as a cause in the early days then turning to show the real face. Why the war happened? like usual big powers domination contest which take a bad way here.

Like every war in a country with majority of religious people: the best motivation to make them fight is to use religion as a cover! Now I cant really find a “solution” to end this in any good way it went complicated more and more and the normal people are paying the price of thier or thier community’s stupedity that turned them into tools in the hands of power owners.

Sometimes I go really optimistic seeing a little spark of hope of human race to stop this chaos and reorgnise the world in a better way, but then I watch or hear somenews that make me loose that hope and only feel sad about the setuation not only in my homeland but in the whole world. If peace is possible first step would be stop blind following of religious leaders and if not erasing at least making capitalism less. People should wake up a little to stop helping pushing world to the edge as it wont last too long if this carried on.

Afterall I hope my future son won’t cause me headache asking me the questions I used to ask as a kid.

A. W. Hasan in Sep17 2012