Al Buti, from my point of view

In March 21st 2013 the well-known sheikh Al Buti was killed along side with 40 others when a suicide bomber blew himself in AlIman mosque, Damascus, Syria.
Sheikh Al Buti was well known for not being a hate spreader like most of other Muslim sheikhs, he used to call for peace between people and represented another image for Islam, not built by terrorism and killing but by forgiveness instead.

BUT, was that “moderate Islam” movement really in favor of us in Syria?
there are two ways to look at that: comparing moderate Islam with salafi one, or thinking about it alone without comparing.
Compared to salafi Islam even Nazism looks good as it is the worst thing to happen to any community, so basically being better than salafism doesn’t really means anything is good, that lead us to look at that movement solo.

As I see it wasn’t good for us, and I did think about few reasons for that:

1- Science and research:
the strong influence of “moderate Islam” sheikhs over the government led to putting heavy chains on writing or researching in Syria (some say that only Al Baath was responsible for that, maybe true when talking about politics but not when talking about research) and the most affected from that was the ones who tried to research the true Islamic history, they were fought really hard and most of them had to escape to Europe.
thousands of books were banned only for showing parts of history the sheikhs want them to stay buried.
the lack of support for any kind of scientific or historical research led to migration of bright minds from Syria.
Maybe it is not 100% caused of the movement but it is quite guilty with that.

2- Cover for salafism sneaking into Syria:
maybe not meant to but both ways Al Buti and his “Islamic lobby” gave a cover for radicalism and salafism to enter Syria, anyone living in Damascus in the last few years would notice the increasing number of south Asian and African students in the city, not like we don’t welcome them but they weren’t tourists but salafi Sharia students in Damascus University with strange white clothes and really disgusting long beards.
Who is responsible for that? Even if not meaning that gave lots of Salafis a good way to come to Syria un-noticed.
This loose of grip against Salafis (which we are suffering because it now) was caused by Buti lobby under the name of “free religious acts”.
With time the numbers of women with niqab strangely increased, numbers of mosques too making Syria have more mosques than Saudi Arabia itself.
***not against mosques but later this huge number of mosques was used to spread hate and terrorism.

3- Education:
This was the most fatal thing done by Buti lobby, why building mosques instead of schools?
Why do Syrian education system has religion being taught at school like it is science?
Why evolution theory isn’t mention in school books? (it is just mentioned in the 12th grade biology book, only 5 lines written about it and the book says it is “false theory”)
Why do we have sharia schools?
as a matter of fact either if you agreed or not Buti lobby caused serious damage to the education system, a damage that is still going on till now.

After all even that Al Buti was a peaceful man and better than many others and even that nothing can justify killing him, but as I see he wasn’t the good person that many people see him as.


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engineering student, freedom, democracy and human rights' activist, Syrian patriot, anti terrorism and religious regimes

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