Crime In University, Year Passed But Blood Not Dried Yet

One Year Passed, Crime Still A Crime

I wasn’t blogging for long time, and was thinking about shutting down my blog but.. This post needs to be published.

***I ll go back active after February as I have Exams.

27th December 2011, I was with few friends in Tishreen University central library preparing for a lab test..
My phone ringed and my friend Kamel (who was in Damascus) was the caller, he said “Did you hear about what happened in Damascus Engineering Faculty”
that was strange and I answered ” No, what happened? anything wrong with Sultan?” (my first response was asking about Sultan as he lives right next to my house and we have been friends for years)
The unwanted answer came: “some asshole shot in the faculty.. few were injured Sultan is in hospital”

I called few friends in Damascus, they heard about it but none knows confirmed info..
Next day I knew what happened, a student called Ammar AlBaloush (he was a second year student of Medical Engineering in Damascus University just like all the victims) went into the faculty building hiding a German gun in his clothes, reached a class room where the students were having a test, shot at 5 of them and ran away, somehow he went out the Uni and none ever seen him after.

The result of that was instant death of Husain Ghannam and serious injuries for Khodr Khazem (who passed away affected by his wounds in the hospital), Bier Lahham, George Farah (who martyred with his father, mother and only brother later when FSA bombed their car) and the last one was Sultan AlRadwan.
The two who are still alive are Sultan who stayed two months in the hospital but fully recovered now and Bier who got permanent moving disabilities.

After that black day I searched about what were revos responds about the crime(especially as the killer was a rebel as he call him self and did his crime in the name of revo).
Responds were different, while some denied that AlBaloush did the crime and accused the regime off the crime and setting up for AlBaloush (I got my story from Sultan himself not from any media).
The other respond was from the majority (Islamic extremists) who said the crime was a heroic act and AlBaloush is a hero for killing the infidels (“Kuffar” as both Sultan and Khodr are Alawis while Bier and George were Christians)
If you can speak Arabic search FB pages about “عمار البالوش” “Ammar AlBaloush” and you will find tons of pages saying he was a hero for doing that.

After all it was a black day in Syrian history and black day in my life as it took the lives of one friend and almost did for two others (as I’ve never met Bier and Husain but was a friend of Khodr, George and Sultan).
Maybe that was too early but I cant deny that crime is counted the same with the following sectarian crimes, even that we don’t know what was the real reason for the crime but terrorists celebrated it as a heroic action of killing infidels!

may they rest in peace..

+18 very bloody

the video was the first images of the crime scene and was captured by AlIkhbaria Channel

in 00:55 you see a laptop bag with blood on it, that was Sultan’s bag.



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