Turkish-Syrian War? ME In Fire

Today news had a main headline: “Mortars To Fall In Turkey Shot From Syrian Side And Turkey Answers With The Same Way”.

After 18 months of cold war this seems to go serious, things are getting hotter and I can see a very near war (it could develop into WW3) knocking the door!

Who followed the march of Syrian crisis can see how Turkey take the main part of it, they did every possible thing to help militias, arm them and give them support and that didn’t stop on that but even foreign fighters coming to “Jihad” in Syria usually use the easiest way: the Turkish one! So basically this war started way earlier but just got hot now (despite the Turkish jet downed by Syria no real contact happened till now).

I cant just read this headline without thinking about its connection with the latest 4 explosions today in Aleppo city or even the Army HQ explosion in Damascus few days ago, this didn’t came as an accident!

Since the starts things are getting hotter and hotter every day and this doesn’t seem to ever stop and usually this never stops unless by a war that nobody wants.

Latest news claims that a Turkish speaker of the government said the Turkish respond was with sound bombs only, at the same time media talking about Iranian Army is moving towards Turkish-Iranian borders and long distance missiles being prepared.

What to think about that? War is coming says majority but still it is not the opinion of every body.

The other theory suggests that Russian position of Syria is the same of Soviet Union one of Cuba, in the same time Turkey is a member of NATO so a war coming to happen is a far shot as it will mean a WW3 that nobody is willing to see.

It can end up like the Crisis of Cuba when the tension went to the highest level then every thing went down and an agreement was made.

Me myself don’t wish to see a war happening (already we are in war but we don’t want it to get even hotter) so I want an agreement to show up in order to end this in the most peaceful way as any chance of war will burn the whole ME into ashes if not the whole world.


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