Syria: What If The Regime Fallen? (Questions to activists who want it to fall)


Everyday a new theory shows up talking about a different end for the Syrian crisis.

I myself came up with few ones but not talking about what came to my mind but I wanna ask a question to the “activists” who are supporting the so-called “revolution”. What if your aim (taking down the regime) was done, what will happen after?

All activists say that: OK let the regime fall then everything will go right, are you sure about that? I am not trying to say they are lying but I am gonna ask few questions that I need answers to.

a- The country is going into a big demographic issue due to all the house destroyed and the big number of people left with nothing and had to leave their areas for safety (this is making a big problem in Latakia and Tartous) who will get them a replacement?


b- If this revolution won there is no chance unless the SAA (Syrian Arabic Army) came apart, after that who is going to protect the country from the enemies? Even if you took Israel as a friend they wont care and they will attack when they get the chance.

c- What to happen with the foreigners who came here to “Jihad”? Do you think they will leave that easy?

d- If you like it or not the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is a radical Islamic group with ONLY Muslim Sunnis as members, despite all the crimes and terrorism they did can they really be the patriot army? How can it be a group of ex-criminals drug addicts and smugglers form a real army?

e- Who will protect all the minorities? FSA already attacking all who dares to say know or belong to another sect, already killing Christians, Druz, Shiites and Alawites. How would that end? Civil war?

f- All but blind ones can see the AlQaeda finger prints in Syria, they already said it out loud that thier fighters are in Syria fighting with “Allah Soldiers”. So what about AQ? How to take them out?

g- What will happen with the Salafis with long beards wanting to kill all un-Sunnis? Will they just convert into nice people the moment Assad leaves? Is it the regime the reason why they are like that and they will return normal the moment it falls?

I am asking questions that nobody can answer without lying, if you watch media you would think it is all about that regime, and the moment it falls Syria will be a paradise.

I have to tell you something: it is not about the regime, not about Bashar Al-Assad himself either. This is a war between Salafis and all un-Salafis and if the USA and its allies didn’t stop supporting these terrorists it wont end till one is finished: Salafis or Syrians.

I am not a fan of the regime but now if it fallen things wont end good, it will be blood rivers and the civil war will be far worse than Lebanese or Iraqi ones. I don’t wanna see my homeland converting into Libya or Afghanistan.


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