USA Democracy: They Fooled You To Believe


Up to and almost all available sources the word “democracy” origin is Greek meaning “people power” or “rule of the people”.

*see Wikipedia information about democracy:

history says the very first democracies showed up in old Greek cities (up to some historians many old Phoenician and Aramic cities had their own democracies too) and the true meaning of it was always letting the people rule themselves by their own.

Now after 2400 years of the first democracy in the world (up to Wikipedia the first one was around 400BCE) I guess the meaning of democracy changed a lot!

Now it is more like: the regimes/governments being slaves to USA are democratic, any else is not!

I don’t have enough info about all the world to prove my opinion but up to my good knowledge about ME (Middle East) I can prove that with few good examples.

In the last 20 years the USA did few wars in the middle east throwing out regimes to replace them with “democratic” ones, supported every possible way to spread its “democracy” into ME (last one was the “Arab Spring”) while in the same time supported some of the most not only un-democratic but also un-humanism regimes.. How can that be? Yes! The answer is US financial interests and oil is the first one.

I was a kid in 2003 when the USA decided to start the war against Iraq with two headlines: bring the democracy to Iraqis and to save the “national security” threatened by the Iraqi “mass destruction weapons” (USA failed during the 9 years in Iraq to prove existence of any of it).

I was a kid but never been a fool to believe that the USA really care about the Iraqis and that was proved later by the huge number of civilians killed as a result of that invasion (BBC claims it was at least 655,000 civilians killed while most of Arabic sources says it is above 2millions) and the amount of destruction in everything there.

*At the end of 2003 there were around 4-5 million Iraqi refugees only in Syria.

Is it accepted by logic that bringing democracy may cause all this amount of deaths? Nothing you do or claim to do gives you the right to kill 655,000 people (I ll go on with BBC).

*Iraq is still in civil war till now thanks to the Free USA


As the “Arab Spring” started the US instantly supported it (well, I believe it created it in the first place) so as a result of that so-called Spring regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egybt and Yemen.. So, democracy came?

In this day Tunisia is having a new age of dictatorship under the rule of MB (Muslim Brotherhood: a radical international group with long terrorism record in Egypt an Syria) and as I have many Tunisian friends they all agreed the same: BinAli (ex-president) was bad but anything is better than Salafis with a dictator!

Egypt isn’t far away from that statue, after Morsi won the elections (he won with 51% of votes and all requests to check for cheating were strangely refused) the whole country went under control of the MB causing a real crisis for Egyptian community as rising problems with the Christian minority grew large and the Salafis went too far attacking everybody daring to refuse (in a little southern city Salafis cut the nose and ears of a young man after beating him till his bones broke for the reason of: standing with a female who isnt relative to him!).

Dictatorship of Morsi showed clearly when he closed a TV channel for making a joke about him and soon after that changing the leadership of the Egyptian Army with ones known for being Salafis and members of MB!

Next door in the “Free Libya” it is the worst conditions, after Gaddafi was killed the whole country which sits over an ocean of oil went into civil/tribal war leaving no real state but few tribes fighting witch each other pushing it to the edge as existence of AQ (Al-Qaida) members grew up a lot telling that Libya will be the next source for AQ terrorists (it is already the main source of AQ terrorists coming to Syria).

Yemen is partly in better conditions but AQ danger is growing up and its militias are taking over many areas and nothing really changed for people unless increasing number of US air strikes!

The strange thing is: how it comes that every country with a successful “spring” turned into an AQ playground and ruled by MB! Isn’t USA fighting terrorism? Isn’t AQ terrorist? Maybe we should ask that in my homeland: Syria! here the “holy jihad” against infidels (which are as I see the whole population of Syria!) has gathered tens of thousands of terrorists with one aim: kill! Majority of these Salafis terrorists are Libyans the rest are Egyptian, Saudi, Afghan and other countries.

First thing to be in mind: the USA invaded Afghanistan to fight AQ so sure it is fighting them too, well that isn’t true! In Syria they have different standards it seems! Instead of fighting them the USA is giving them money, weapons and media cover!

If you think that this kind of terrorists can bring anything but destruction please just leave this page as you are too fool.

That examples showed what kind of democracy USA is spreading but what about countries called friends of USA? Shouldn’t they be some kind of democratic paradises? Well they are not even near to dictatorship!

Turkey is one of USA most loyal allies in ME and counted democratic by many people.. About that you may see the news for 300 Turkish officers having 18 to life prison time with one charge: conspiring to overthrow the government of Justice and Development party (the political part of MB!).

And in addition of that in the government strangely there are no members from Kurds or Alawites! (there are over 20million Alawites and more than 20million Kurds in Turkey!).

Maybe you should start changing your mind about what media tells and what it hides.

Saudi Arabia the no.1 oil exporter in world is one good alley of the USA, while it is the furthest country of democracy.

The country itself is named after the royal family (House of Saud) and it has no kind of parliament or any other kind of people ruling methods, all powers are with the king and no1 can reject that (in fact they have a low that forbids criticizing royals and punishes with prison, house arrest or even death).

In an addition Saudi has no limitation for marrying young girls (you can legally marry a 1 year old baby there) so kids rapists do have a place to do it legally!

*Driving for females and showing any part of female body (even hands and feet) is forbidden.

Other Gulf kingdoms are similar to Saudi but with some improvements, for example: UAE do has parliament but only part of it is elected by people while the rest are chosen by the royals (USA always used UAE as an example of democracy in the region!). Bahrain is one Gulf kingdom too, but strangely USA never supported the “spring” there! Bahraini people are getting killed by the Saudi forces while the whole world is silence about that! No media dares to talk about that but you asked yourself why?

Because Bahrain king who solo dominate the country do match the USA democracy standards: 1- be USA slave, 2- give USA all oil possible and 3- allow existence of US Army in your land!

USA democracy is no more a big lie for anyone who uses their mind to find the truth. Standards are clear!

If you still think that USA support any kind of democracy think again considering above.

*US citizens who thinks your troops came to Iraq to throw flowers and spread happiness maybe you should just Google that and you will see that their flowers killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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