Syria: What Media To Believe

**I ll speak about Radio Stations in another post.

Before the “Syrian Revolution” (the salafi spring) started I was like any another youngman with 0 interest in politics, never cared about politicians or regime changes anywhere in this world. I never watched a single news broadcast unless I have to as my father is the one watching.
So basicly I watched movie channels, MTV and Nat Geo on TV nothing else that.
On the web it wasnt deffirent, I was only there for fun and passing time..

But you know, things changed! And the news that used to worth nothing for me became something important as my life and family became connected to the situation in our area and the near ones.
Soon I stopped watching any movies or other channels unless news, stopped using internet to have fun but to collect information about what is going on as the Syrian conflict took a rising way.

** see my older post: Syria: Sweet Dream To Freaking Nightmare

In here like almost every place in the ME the news giant AJA (AlJazeera) was in the lead, as it was funded by the royals of Qatar and supported by the western media it dominated the news with almost no competition unless by Saudi royals funded channel of AlArabiya (most of its popularity came from being a part of mbc group).

As the crisis started I had to watch news, TV was the main source but as I started to see the amount of lies spreaded by TV giants I had to find other sources.
As I speak English I tried the English-speaking channels, they werent useful either as Syria Crisis was rarely mentioned and when mentioned news usually are taken from AJA.
That left me with one choice: the new Local Areas News Networks on FB, as they are local they give more accurate info and news are from other normal people not by proffesional journalists who may change the truth to fit with thier ideas.

These News Networks had major success having tons of fans (102,000 fans for Damascus News Network , and 76,000 for Lattakia News Network are big numbers when you know that 102,000 is more than the half of FB users in Damascus!)
These Networks did great job showing the truth of events while TVs kept the in-denial policy till late time.

TVs kept denying existance of armed militias till late time while I saw it with my own eyes since April 2011 in Damascus Rural, and tried to hide existance of AQ (AlQaeda) terrorists even thought AQ leader Ayman Zawahri called for “Jihad” against the infidels in Syria since 2011!
(btw Mohammad Zawahri – brother of Ayman is doing Jihad in Syria)

I am not going to talk alot about state TV niether about Addounia TV but I have to mention them.
Like any state TV the Syrian one isnt popular, rarely anyone watch it.
That changed after few months of the conflict as for people with no interest in Internet (80% of Syrians dont have Internet connection unless mobile GPRS which is very expensive for anything but chat apps) state TV along with Addounia (Addounia channel has a small crew of no more 60 and was able to fight back to the two news giants AJA and AlArabiya) and that wasnt liked by kings of the Gulf, as they have full support for Salafi project so soon after that they decided to cut the broadcast of Syrian channels for no good reason but to stop uncovering the terrorism of Salafi militias and AQ (it is no secret that BinLaden is Saudian and till now one of the richest families of Saudi is BinLaden family)
Even thought I dont agree alot with state TV or Addounia but compared to any other news source they were the best and as a supporter of FreeMedia and FreePress shutting channels down isn’t a thing that I can support.

** Speaking about media I have to speak about the martyrs of journalism in Syria, after more than 10 journalists assassinated before by AQ my dear friend Maya Naser martyred yesterday to join a long list becoming a hero of free word.


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