RIP Maya Naser, Martyr Of Free Media

Born in July 30, 1979 in Syria. Studied political science at KAPLAN university, NY, US.
Speaker of Arabic and English he had worked in many countries including the United States, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain.
His last job was as Press TV reporter in Syria. Lived in Damascus and covered what is going on Damascus, Homs and Aleppo.
As a political view he was Liberal and I am quoting his oun words: “its not our job to protect the religion from the grip of the state, its our job to protect the state from the grips of the religious radicalism”

Today September 26, 2012 he was covering the twin explosions Damascus down town. There were clashes going on down town in Omayyad Square near the SAA HQ and while he was reporting live about it a sniper shot in his neck killed him putting a limit for his life and briging sadness to his family and friends.

I always liked to talk with him as he was really good understanding what is really going on and never hated a person even his enemies.
But after all the same people who threatened him before killed him for speaking out the truth and bringing the truth to light.
RIP my dear friend, now you are as I always saw you: a hero.

**this is his twitter account:


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