Political Islam During Time And Place Change

IMPORTANT: I am not talking religiously, talking about using religion as a political cover.

Isalm is a world wide religion with over 1billion followers worldwide, it is around 1400 years old now.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam – Wikipedia.com| Islam

During that 1400 years like every other religion it was used as cover for many “greedy” ambitious people to climp to the head of state.
After Mohammad the prophet’s death Islam set kind of “democratic” way to choose who will follow to be the leader, that didnt last for long time (up to history books) and after the 4th Caliphe man greed played its part.

Omayyads took over the leadership by force naming one of them as the new Caliphe, changing the way of choosing the new ruler from choosing by people to a father-to-son kingdom. After Omayyads Abbasies came then followed by few empires to end with Ottomans as the last “Islamic” empire.
I am not about to discuss the way of rule but what I meant to show was the “Political Islam” isnt new, it is old but edited in nowdays.

All empires from Omayyads have one thing in common: they all used Islam the religion (represented by religious men) as a cover for them so nobody can blame them and any one who tries to say NO was treated like “infidel” rejecting the well of God.
It is easy to control a religious population when you have religious men on your side (shiekhs in this example).

After the Ottoman empire collapse in 1914 the last empire ruled by shiekhs was gone letting shiekhs who once where almost taking control of everything of people’s life with no power if it turned to civil countries.

So soon Islamic groups started to show up wanting “Islamic State” calling civil state and democracy “kuffar things”, MB (Muslim Brotherhood) was one of the first groups that was made by the Wahabis/Salafis that appeared in 17th and 18th centuries in Arabia.

After Arabic countries devided into many some countries including Syria, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia took the civil state choice with parliaments and republican regimes. In the other hand West didnt allow falling of Kingdoms in places with importance (Gulf and Iraq for Oil and Egypt for Suezz channel, Jordan for having too long borders with Palestine).
keeping Kingdoms was giving western powers all the control needed and that is why revolutions kicking kingdoms in Iraq and Egypt were fought.

That continued till now, kingdoms of gulf are ruled like a 10th century kingdoms (no parliament, no constitutions and who dares to
object any “royal” is punished with death or prison if lucky).
Saudi Arabia forbids women to show any part of them instead “eyes”, also car driving is forbidden! (Iran is as bad as Saudi with clothing thing).
Countries with Islamic based regimes have no freedom, no democracy and sure no human-rights (Iran is kind of better having elections and parliament with “republican” regime)

In 80s with full support of US Afghanistan joined the party with Islamis transfered to it to fight Soviets, Islamic groups were supported every where by the US (in 70s and 80s MB did horrible massacres and crimes in Syria and Egypt) but that wasnt enough as it seems to be.
2001 after the black day of Sep11 the US invaded Afghanistan pushing Islamis to go even more radical, Iraq was invaded too in 2003 for Oil in first place and helping with the Islamic project as a second priority.
then 2011 came holding the flames called “Arab Spring”, somepeople may hate the fact I dont believe in “Arab Spring” but I have good reasons for that.

the so-called spring passed throught the following countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lybia…
Now both Tunisia and Egypt has “new” govs but both are MB govs! (AlQaeda founders were all MB members, you have to know that) and like expected AQ activity went high like never before. Moving to Libya it is fully controled by AQ militias now! Yemen have a rising AQ activity too and I dont have to say anything about Syria..
That left us with 5 of the 6 “Arab Spring” countries controled or still under proccess to be controled by AQ and MB, what about the 6th? What about the ONLY spring in a kingdom? the ONLY spring without radicals? strangely it is totally ignored by all media! None talking about it!

the big picture as I see it is making all the ME controled by MB and AQ, letting them do one little mistake (in other words make it like they will do a mistake) then just erase them all. I tell you: none will feel sorry for Salafis when dying as they are terrorists, so when you make all the ME look terrorists ALL will be happy with them all erased!

Political Islam was always a tool, for the west it was a great tool but one theory says this tool has expired now..
Both ways if US did erase or let it controled by Salafis the same score it is: US wins – ME loses.

** taking about MB govs in Tunisia and Egypt you have to know this:
#a Tunisian shiekh (who is in parlyament now) propposed for a low allowing women slavery for “sexual joy” with support of Islamic party of him!

#an Egyptian parliament member of MB said on TV that the low will in Egypt will refuse age limits for marriage as it is against “Sharia'” and marrying girls at ages like 7 for example will be ok.
(I myself felt really sick for days after hearin him on TV)



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