Few Words About: Religion

In an 80s radio broadcast the Lebanense singer composer and author Ziad AlRahbani said the following:
it is not a big deal if I believe or dont in the existance of God, it wont matter as if God is real then he is big, very big and sure wont care if a little small human like me thinking about him! If God is real then he is hearing me now and he is the only to choose who go to paradise or hell as he knows who are the good and bad people.

I am not trying to attack any religion or ask people to be athiests, I myself am religious and believer.
What am aiming to is showing difference between believing and being a radical who use religion as a cover for his acts.

Religions were here to make a direct connection between humans and thier creater as I believe, that isnt the way it is used now.
Now days it is more like a way to dominate the mass of people using it as a cover adding kind of “holiness” on every act of the ones using it.

If this world have a chance to survive sure it is not by religious fights and killing, people should start accepting diversity and difference.
Yet I never knew about anything good happened as a result of religious wars: blood, hate, killing and lotta bad things showing the dark side of humanity or in another words the beastly side of humanity.

In all the history of religious wars I cant really see it reflected the reality of religions but more like reflecting the people who controled it, it was more like a cover of human greed in many occasions (crussade wars, Islamic invasions and in the now days Lebanense and Iraqi civil wars are all examples).
This “holy” wars brought only suffer and hate to humanity and in most cases they were not about religion but only to achieve things using religious cover to make normal people follow.

We need to forget our differences and focus on what is in common to build the world we can ALL live in peace in it.
everybody have the right to pray the way they want or to not pray at all but nobody has the right to kill for religious reasons, nobody has the right to force thoughts or ideas over others.

When you disrespect the others freedom of thinking you give them the right to disrespect yours as well, and that will push the world more and more to collapse. We just need to respect FREEDOM of choice and that may help us a little making less suffer and hate in this world.




About isecular

engineering student, freedom, democracy and human rights' activist, Syrian patriot, anti terrorism and religious regimes

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