Al Buti, from my point of view

In March 21st 2013 the well-known sheikh Al Buti was killed along side with 40 others when a suicide bomber blew himself in AlIman mosque, Damascus, Syria.
Sheikh Al Buti was well known for not being a hate spreader like most of other Muslim sheikhs, he used to call for peace between people and represented another image for Islam, not built by terrorism and killing but by forgiveness instead.

BUT, was that “moderate Islam” movement really in favor of us in Syria?
there are two ways to look at that: comparing moderate Islam with salafi one, or thinking about it alone without comparing.
Compared to salafi Islam even Nazism looks good as it is the worst thing to happen to any community, so basically being better than salafism doesn’t really means anything is good, that lead us to look at that movement solo.

As I see it wasn’t good for us, and I did think about few reasons for that:

1- Science and research:
the strong influence of “moderate Islam” sheikhs over the government led to putting heavy chains on writing or researching in Syria (some say that only Al Baath was responsible for that, maybe true when talking about politics but not when talking about research) and the most affected from that was the ones who tried to research the true Islamic history, they were fought really hard and most of them had to escape to Europe.
thousands of books were banned only for showing parts of history the sheikhs want them to stay buried.
the lack of support for any kind of scientific or historical research led to migration of bright minds from Syria.
Maybe it is not 100% caused of the movement but it is quite guilty with that.

2- Cover for salafism sneaking into Syria:
maybe not meant to but both ways Al Buti and his “Islamic lobby” gave a cover for radicalism and salafism to enter Syria, anyone living in Damascus in the last few years would notice the increasing number of south Asian and African students in the city, not like we don’t welcome them but they weren’t tourists but salafi Sharia students in Damascus University with strange white clothes and really disgusting long beards.
Who is responsible for that? Even if not meaning that gave lots of Salafis a good way to come to Syria un-noticed.
This loose of grip against Salafis (which we are suffering because it now) was caused by Buti lobby under the name of “free religious acts”.
With time the numbers of women with niqab strangely increased, numbers of mosques too making Syria have more mosques than Saudi Arabia itself.
***not against mosques but later this huge number of mosques was used to spread hate and terrorism.

3- Education:
This was the most fatal thing done by Buti lobby, why building mosques instead of schools?
Why do Syrian education system has religion being taught at school like it is science?
Why evolution theory isn’t mention in school books? (it is just mentioned in the 12th grade biology book, only 5 lines written about it and the book says it is “false theory”)
Why do we have sharia schools?
as a matter of fact either if you agreed or not Buti lobby caused serious damage to the education system, a damage that is still going on till now.

After all even that Al Buti was a peaceful man and better than many others and even that nothing can justify killing him, but as I see he wasn’t the good person that many people see him as.


7 Days Home.. What Changed in Damascus

ImageDamascus is more than a city for me, it is “home”! It is where I saw the light for the first time, where I walked my first step and spook my first word, and when you spend your entire childhood in a place even if you hated or loved it you stay related to it forever.

I spent my first 19 years alive in that city, had unlimited memories in it some sad and some happy but it never been easy to be away.

But after all I had to leave, in order to continue with my studies to become an engineer I went to my original city Latakia, the city of both my father and mother where my family lived for too long.

Day after day I started missing my family, my friends and the life I had before, with time passing I knew that I may never go back to old days but still missing to walk after midnight in old city, missing the huge traffic every single day, missing markets, parks and cafes.

In my first year I used every chance to visit Damascus even if for 2 days, I used to go there twice a month in weekends..

But I wasn’t happy with what I saw, when I left almost nothing was different about Damascus just like it is not affected with other places, but that soon changed and the beautiful face of my lovely city started to change.

I went to Damascus to spend the last week of 2012 there, as I always kept connected with friends there I expected to see sad things.

Many told me not to go as the road is seriously dangerous and people are barely living in my area, I didn’t listen as the main thing I wanted was to see my family and friends after 2 and a half months away.

War was what I saw, destruction everywhere, and the smile became a rare thing on the faces.

I tried not to think pessimistic so I stopped my mind from working till I arrive home!

The first thing to notice after passing the door of my house was a strange metal device which looked very old and rusty, when I asked about it, it turned to be a “babbour”! Some kind of ovens that works on gasoline and been used in very old days. (it is known at least since 100 years).


“this stopped existing 40 years ago, but now it is back!” my mom said. “yes, it is very noisy and hard to use but there is no gas so this is the only option”

It was feeling bad thinking: wow! This war really took us few decades behind!

soon I realized that there is no power either, but that was expected. I remember my friend telling me “we are without power for two days now” that was a month before I went to Damascus but sadly since then the power didn’t come back.

When my father knew the power won’t come back anytime soon he bought a generator, many did that too but a generator isn’t cheap so most people had no choice but darkness.

Even with the generator it wasn’t any comfortable, due to fuel prices (only in black market and 4 to 5 times as its real price) we were not able to make the generator work but for 4 hours a day, from sunset at 17:00 to 21:00.

The few hours with electric power were enough to recharge my phone and laptop for the next day, but as I am not a child to sleep at 21:00 the only source of light for me and my friends was something used since ever and no one used it since decades unless in Chinese festivals I guess!


Somehow people used to live that way by now! in the year 2013 people living without electric power or gas! I have never imagined we would really have to try that.

Previous things are annoying but not really dangerous as what I am going to talk about!

You can live without power, without gas or without many things but can you without food?

There is a real food crisis going on, everything became less and way over priced while the most important food for all Syrians which is bread was really hard to find! You have to wait long hours to get some bread enough for your family for the day and you have to pay twice the price to get it.. That was killing me to see my country which was a big producer of wheat starving because the lack of bread.

I don’t have to talk a lot about explosions, gun shots and artillery sounds going on loud all day and night, it became normal and not hearing it became strange.

If you are on a high building you will be able to see smoke somewhere above the city no matter the time you look, the same black thick smoke I saw on TV on documentaries about wars then I saw it when the US decided to spread its freedom in Iraq.

The same smoke of caused by terrorism under many names, no difference if it was US smoke in Iraq 2003 or Israel smoke in Lebanon 2006 and Gaza 2009 or Al Qaeda smoke in Syria 2011.


When I was a child my mother used to tell me “these ugly things on news are far from here, don’t worry this won’t happen here”..

You were wrong mom!

In Jan 1st 2013 morning I left Damascus.. left with open wound in my heart and great fear that worse is coming and I don’t want to see it happening to anyone especially my family.

Crime In University, Year Passed But Blood Not Dried Yet

One Year Passed, Crime Still A Crime

I wasn’t blogging for long time, and was thinking about shutting down my blog but.. This post needs to be published.

***I ll go back active after February as I have Exams.

27th December 2011, I was with few friends in Tishreen University central library preparing for a lab test..
My phone ringed and my friend Kamel (who was in Damascus) was the caller, he said “Did you hear about what happened in Damascus Engineering Faculty”
that was strange and I answered ” No, what happened? anything wrong with Sultan?” (my first response was asking about Sultan as he lives right next to my house and we have been friends for years)
The unwanted answer came: “some asshole shot in the faculty.. few were injured Sultan is in hospital”

I called few friends in Damascus, they heard about it but none knows confirmed info..
Next day I knew what happened, a student called Ammar AlBaloush (he was a second year student of Medical Engineering in Damascus University just like all the victims) went into the faculty building hiding a German gun in his clothes, reached a class room where the students were having a test, shot at 5 of them and ran away, somehow he went out the Uni and none ever seen him after.

The result of that was instant death of Husain Ghannam and serious injuries for Khodr Khazem (who passed away affected by his wounds in the hospital), Bier Lahham, George Farah (who martyred with his father, mother and only brother later when FSA bombed their car) and the last one was Sultan AlRadwan.
The two who are still alive are Sultan who stayed two months in the hospital but fully recovered now and Bier who got permanent moving disabilities.

After that black day I searched about what were revos responds about the crime(especially as the killer was a rebel as he call him self and did his crime in the name of revo).
Responds were different, while some denied that AlBaloush did the crime and accused the regime off the crime and setting up for AlBaloush (I got my story from Sultan himself not from any media).
The other respond was from the majority (Islamic extremists) who said the crime was a heroic act and AlBaloush is a hero for killing the infidels (“Kuffar” as both Sultan and Khodr are Alawis while Bier and George were Christians)
If you can speak Arabic search FB pages about “عمار البالوش” “Ammar AlBaloush” and you will find tons of pages saying he was a hero for doing that.

After all it was a black day in Syrian history and black day in my life as it took the lives of one friend and almost did for two others (as I’ve never met Bier and Husain but was a friend of Khodr, George and Sultan).
Maybe that was too early but I cant deny that crime is counted the same with the following sectarian crimes, even that we don’t know what was the real reason for the crime but terrorists celebrated it as a heroic action of killing infidels!

may they rest in peace..

+18 very bloody

the video was the first images of the crime scene and was captured by AlIkhbaria Channel

in 00:55 you see a laptop bag with blood on it, that was Sultan’s bag.


Turkish-Syrian War? ME In Fire

Today news had a main headline: “Mortars To Fall In Turkey Shot From Syrian Side And Turkey Answers With The Same Way”.

After 18 months of cold war this seems to go serious, things are getting hotter and I can see a very near war (it could develop into WW3) knocking the door!

Who followed the march of Syrian crisis can see how Turkey take the main part of it, they did every possible thing to help militias, arm them and give them support and that didn’t stop on that but even foreign fighters coming to “Jihad” in Syria usually use the easiest way: the Turkish one! So basically this war started way earlier but just got hot now (despite the Turkish jet downed by Syria no real contact happened till now).

I cant just read this headline without thinking about its connection with the latest 4 explosions today in Aleppo city or even the Army HQ explosion in Damascus few days ago, this didn’t came as an accident!

Since the starts things are getting hotter and hotter every day and this doesn’t seem to ever stop and usually this never stops unless by a war that nobody wants.

Latest news claims that a Turkish speaker of the government said the Turkish respond was with sound bombs only, at the same time media talking about Iranian Army is moving towards Turkish-Iranian borders and long distance missiles being prepared.

What to think about that? War is coming says majority but still it is not the opinion of every body.

The other theory suggests that Russian position of Syria is the same of Soviet Union one of Cuba, in the same time Turkey is a member of NATO so a war coming to happen is a far shot as it will mean a WW3 that nobody is willing to see.

It can end up like the Crisis of Cuba when the tension went to the highest level then every thing went down and an agreement was made.

Me myself don’t wish to see a war happening (already we are in war but we don’t want it to get even hotter) so I want an agreement to show up in order to end this in the most peaceful way as any chance of war will burn the whole ME into ashes if not the whole world.

Syria: What If The Regime Fallen? (Questions to activists who want it to fall)


Everyday a new theory shows up talking about a different end for the Syrian crisis.

I myself came up with few ones but not talking about what came to my mind but I wanna ask a question to the “activists” who are supporting the so-called “revolution”. What if your aim (taking down the regime) was done, what will happen after?

All activists say that: OK let the regime fall then everything will go right, are you sure about that? I am not trying to say they are lying but I am gonna ask few questions that I need answers to.

a- The country is going into a big demographic issue due to all the house destroyed and the big number of people left with nothing and had to leave their areas for safety (this is making a big problem in Latakia and Tartous) who will get them a replacement?


b- If this revolution won there is no chance unless the SAA (Syrian Arabic Army) came apart, after that who is going to protect the country from the enemies? Even if you took Israel as a friend they wont care and they will attack when they get the chance.

c- What to happen with the foreigners who came here to “Jihad”? Do you think they will leave that easy?

d- If you like it or not the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is a radical Islamic group with ONLY Muslim Sunnis as members, despite all the crimes and terrorism they did can they really be the patriot army? How can it be a group of ex-criminals drug addicts and smugglers form a real army?

e- Who will protect all the minorities? FSA already attacking all who dares to say know or belong to another sect, already killing Christians, Druz, Shiites and Alawites. How would that end? Civil war?

f- All but blind ones can see the AlQaeda finger prints in Syria, they already said it out loud that thier fighters are in Syria fighting with “Allah Soldiers”. So what about AQ? How to take them out?

g- What will happen with the Salafis with long beards wanting to kill all un-Sunnis? Will they just convert into nice people the moment Assad leaves? Is it the regime the reason why they are like that and they will return normal the moment it falls?

I am asking questions that nobody can answer without lying, if you watch media you would think it is all about that regime, and the moment it falls Syria will be a paradise.

I have to tell you something: it is not about the regime, not about Bashar Al-Assad himself either. This is a war between Salafis and all un-Salafis and if the USA and its allies didn’t stop supporting these terrorists it wont end till one is finished: Salafis or Syrians.

I am not a fan of the regime but now if it fallen things wont end good, it will be blood rivers and the civil war will be far worse than Lebanese or Iraqi ones. I don’t wanna see my homeland converting into Libya or Afghanistan.

USA Democracy: They Fooled You To Believe


Up to and almost all available sources the word “democracy” origin is Greek meaning “people power” or “rule of the people”.

*see Wikipedia information about democracy:

history says the very first democracies showed up in old Greek cities (up to some historians many old Phoenician and Aramic cities had their own democracies too) and the true meaning of it was always letting the people rule themselves by their own.

Now after 2400 years of the first democracy in the world (up to Wikipedia the first one was around 400BCE) I guess the meaning of democracy changed a lot!

Now it is more like: the regimes/governments being slaves to USA are democratic, any else is not!

I don’t have enough info about all the world to prove my opinion but up to my good knowledge about ME (Middle East) I can prove that with few good examples.

In the last 20 years the USA did few wars in the middle east throwing out regimes to replace them with “democratic” ones, supported every possible way to spread its “democracy” into ME (last one was the “Arab Spring”) while in the same time supported some of the most not only un-democratic but also un-humanism regimes.. How can that be? Yes! The answer is US financial interests and oil is the first one.

I was a kid in 2003 when the USA decided to start the war against Iraq with two headlines: bring the democracy to Iraqis and to save the “national security” threatened by the Iraqi “mass destruction weapons” (USA failed during the 9 years in Iraq to prove existence of any of it).

I was a kid but never been a fool to believe that the USA really care about the Iraqis and that was proved later by the huge number of civilians killed as a result of that invasion (BBC claims it was at least 655,000 civilians killed while most of Arabic sources says it is above 2millions) and the amount of destruction in everything there.

*At the end of 2003 there were around 4-5 million Iraqi refugees only in Syria.

Is it accepted by logic that bringing democracy may cause all this amount of deaths? Nothing you do or claim to do gives you the right to kill 655,000 people (I ll go on with BBC).

*Iraq is still in civil war till now thanks to the Free USA


As the “Arab Spring” started the US instantly supported it (well, I believe it created it in the first place) so as a result of that so-called Spring regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egybt and Yemen.. So, democracy came?

In this day Tunisia is having a new age of dictatorship under the rule of MB (Muslim Brotherhood: a radical international group with long terrorism record in Egypt an Syria) and as I have many Tunisian friends they all agreed the same: BinAli (ex-president) was bad but anything is better than Salafis with a dictator!

Egypt isn’t far away from that statue, after Morsi won the elections (he won with 51% of votes and all requests to check for cheating were strangely refused) the whole country went under control of the MB causing a real crisis for Egyptian community as rising problems with the Christian minority grew large and the Salafis went too far attacking everybody daring to refuse (in a little southern city Salafis cut the nose and ears of a young man after beating him till his bones broke for the reason of: standing with a female who isnt relative to him!).

Dictatorship of Morsi showed clearly when he closed a TV channel for making a joke about him and soon after that changing the leadership of the Egyptian Army with ones known for being Salafis and members of MB!

Next door in the “Free Libya” it is the worst conditions, after Gaddafi was killed the whole country which sits over an ocean of oil went into civil/tribal war leaving no real state but few tribes fighting witch each other pushing it to the edge as existence of AQ (Al-Qaida) members grew up a lot telling that Libya will be the next source for AQ terrorists (it is already the main source of AQ terrorists coming to Syria).

Yemen is partly in better conditions but AQ danger is growing up and its militias are taking over many areas and nothing really changed for people unless increasing number of US air strikes!

The strange thing is: how it comes that every country with a successful “spring” turned into an AQ playground and ruled by MB! Isn’t USA fighting terrorism? Isn’t AQ terrorist? Maybe we should ask that in my homeland: Syria! here the “holy jihad” against infidels (which are as I see the whole population of Syria!) has gathered tens of thousands of terrorists with one aim: kill! Majority of these Salafis terrorists are Libyans the rest are Egyptian, Saudi, Afghan and other countries.

First thing to be in mind: the USA invaded Afghanistan to fight AQ so sure it is fighting them too, well that isn’t true! In Syria they have different standards it seems! Instead of fighting them the USA is giving them money, weapons and media cover!

If you think that this kind of terrorists can bring anything but destruction please just leave this page as you are too fool.

That examples showed what kind of democracy USA is spreading but what about countries called friends of USA? Shouldn’t they be some kind of democratic paradises? Well they are not even near to dictatorship!

Turkey is one of USA most loyal allies in ME and counted democratic by many people.. About that you may see the news for 300 Turkish officers having 18 to life prison time with one charge: conspiring to overthrow the government of Justice and Development party (the political part of MB!).

And in addition of that in the government strangely there are no members from Kurds or Alawites! (there are over 20million Alawites and more than 20million Kurds in Turkey!).

Maybe you should start changing your mind about what media tells and what it hides.

Saudi Arabia the no.1 oil exporter in world is one good alley of the USA, while it is the furthest country of democracy.

The country itself is named after the royal family (House of Saud) and it has no kind of parliament or any other kind of people ruling methods, all powers are with the king and no1 can reject that (in fact they have a low that forbids criticizing royals and punishes with prison, house arrest or even death).

In an addition Saudi has no limitation for marrying young girls (you can legally marry a 1 year old baby there) so kids rapists do have a place to do it legally!

*Driving for females and showing any part of female body (even hands and feet) is forbidden.

Other Gulf kingdoms are similar to Saudi but with some improvements, for example: UAE do has parliament but only part of it is elected by people while the rest are chosen by the royals (USA always used UAE as an example of democracy in the region!). Bahrain is one Gulf kingdom too, but strangely USA never supported the “spring” there! Bahraini people are getting killed by the Saudi forces while the whole world is silence about that! No media dares to talk about that but you asked yourself why?

Because Bahrain king who solo dominate the country do match the USA democracy standards: 1- be USA slave, 2- give USA all oil possible and 3- allow existence of US Army in your land!

USA democracy is no more a big lie for anyone who uses their mind to find the truth. Standards are clear!

If you still think that USA support any kind of democracy think again considering above.

*US citizens who thinks your troops came to Iraq to throw flowers and spread happiness maybe you should just Google that and you will see that their flowers killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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Big Questions Of A Little Boy: Who Selected My Religion?

Dad: why didn’t God ask me what religion I want to be?
That was what I asked after school someday after a religion teacher gave a Christian friend of me hard time because he swore with Jesus the Christ, that seemed to drive that bearded teacher mad.. It ended after my friend’s father came to the school and the teacher was kicked out.
I thought about: what wrong did my friend? It wasn’t his choice to be born in a Christian family then have to suffer bad treatment of some radicals who hate him for that.
My Dad answered after knowing what I asked: “your religion is set by the family you are born in, having a Jewish family will make you a Jew just like having a Muslim family will make you Muslim!”

We are all the same people, same humans and anyone of us will have a different religion if born somewhere else! But this isn’t understood by all, many people trying to deny (or at least ignore) that fact giving themselves the right to fight against (or even kill) others who don’t share their beliefs.
That is what happened earlier with Christians in the middle ages when Vatican Ruled and now happening now again but with different religion, now Muslims (radicals only) are doing it.

Race, color, religion and family are things you didn’t choose! Things may be different if you were in another place. So you can’t make your opinion about somebody with things that they never selected! You have the right to hate someone for being a criminal as he selected that but hating him because his beliefs isn’t right.

Usually (as I found out after thinking about fanatic groups especially religious ones) fanatic groups are made by a person or few people as it is “leaders” who in usual are evil but smart people while the rest of the group are stupid people easily controlled to achieve purposes of their leaders (smart people may think before acting and won’t follow blindly what are they told to do).

Already many of wars over history started because of religious wars bringing suffer to humans and we need no more of that wars. When thinking about it even religions find it wrong to kill others for their difference but in these days majority of people don’t think and big powers find it good to make people busy with their differences and fighting each other for it, that is why Yugoslavian war started, Lebanese civil war, Iraqi civil war, Sudanic civil war and I hope this train isn’t really passing in my Syria.

After all I talked in a previous post about my opinion about what is religion for (Few Words About: Religion and as we don’t choose it then it doesn’t worth to kill for (if you find it worth killing for it please start with killing yourself)

Syria: What Media To Believe

**I ll speak about Radio Stations in another post.

Before the “Syrian Revolution” (the salafi spring) started I was like any another youngman with 0 interest in politics, never cared about politicians or regime changes anywhere in this world. I never watched a single news broadcast unless I have to as my father is the one watching.
So basicly I watched movie channels, MTV and Nat Geo on TV nothing else that.
On the web it wasnt deffirent, I was only there for fun and passing time..

But you know, things changed! And the news that used to worth nothing for me became something important as my life and family became connected to the situation in our area and the near ones.
Soon I stopped watching any movies or other channels unless news, stopped using internet to have fun but to collect information about what is going on as the Syrian conflict took a rising way.

** see my older post: Syria: Sweet Dream To Freaking Nightmare

In here like almost every place in the ME the news giant AJA (AlJazeera) was in the lead, as it was funded by the royals of Qatar and supported by the western media it dominated the news with almost no competition unless by Saudi royals funded channel of AlArabiya (most of its popularity came from being a part of mbc group).

As the crisis started I had to watch news, TV was the main source but as I started to see the amount of lies spreaded by TV giants I had to find other sources.
As I speak English I tried the English-speaking channels, they werent useful either as Syria Crisis was rarely mentioned and when mentioned news usually are taken from AJA.
That left me with one choice: the new Local Areas News Networks on FB, as they are local they give more accurate info and news are from other normal people not by proffesional journalists who may change the truth to fit with thier ideas.

These News Networks had major success having tons of fans (102,000 fans for Damascus News Network , and 76,000 for Lattakia News Network are big numbers when you know that 102,000 is more than the half of FB users in Damascus!)
These Networks did great job showing the truth of events while TVs kept the in-denial policy till late time.

TVs kept denying existance of armed militias till late time while I saw it with my own eyes since April 2011 in Damascus Rural, and tried to hide existance of AQ (AlQaeda) terrorists even thought AQ leader Ayman Zawahri called for “Jihad” against the infidels in Syria since 2011!
(btw Mohammad Zawahri – brother of Ayman is doing Jihad in Syria)

I am not going to talk alot about state TV niether about Addounia TV but I have to mention them.
Like any state TV the Syrian one isnt popular, rarely anyone watch it.
That changed after few months of the conflict as for people with no interest in Internet (80% of Syrians dont have Internet connection unless mobile GPRS which is very expensive for anything but chat apps) state TV along with Addounia (Addounia channel has a small crew of no more 60 and was able to fight back to the two news giants AJA and AlArabiya) and that wasnt liked by kings of the Gulf, as they have full support for Salafi project so soon after that they decided to cut the broadcast of Syrian channels for no good reason but to stop uncovering the terrorism of Salafi militias and AQ (it is no secret that BinLaden is Saudian and till now one of the richest families of Saudi is BinLaden family)
Even thought I dont agree alot with state TV or Addounia but compared to any other news source they were the best and as a supporter of FreeMedia and FreePress shutting channels down isn’t a thing that I can support.

** Speaking about media I have to speak about the martyrs of journalism in Syria, after more than 10 journalists assassinated before by AQ my dear friend Maya Naser martyred yesterday to join a long list becoming a hero of free word.

RIP Maya Naser, Martyr Of Free Media

Born in July 30, 1979 in Syria. Studied political science at KAPLAN university, NY, US.
Speaker of Arabic and English he had worked in many countries including the United States, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain.
His last job was as Press TV reporter in Syria. Lived in Damascus and covered what is going on Damascus, Homs and Aleppo.
As a political view he was Liberal and I am quoting his oun words: “its not our job to protect the religion from the grip of the state, its our job to protect the state from the grips of the religious radicalism”

Today September 26, 2012 he was covering the twin explosions Damascus down town. There were clashes going on down town in Omayyad Square near the SAA HQ and while he was reporting live about it a sniper shot in his neck killed him putting a limit for his life and briging sadness to his family and friends.

I always liked to talk with him as he was really good understanding what is really going on and never hated a person even his enemies.
But after all the same people who threatened him before killed him for speaking out the truth and bringing the truth to light.
RIP my dear friend, now you are as I always saw you: a hero.

**this is his twitter account:

Political Islam During Time And Place Change

IMPORTANT: I am not talking religiously, talking about using religion as a political cover.

Isalm is a world wide religion with over 1billion followers worldwide, it is around 1400 years old now. –| Islam

During that 1400 years like every other religion it was used as cover for many “greedy” ambitious people to climp to the head of state.
After Mohammad the prophet’s death Islam set kind of “democratic” way to choose who will follow to be the leader, that didnt last for long time (up to history books) and after the 4th Caliphe man greed played its part.

Omayyads took over the leadership by force naming one of them as the new Caliphe, changing the way of choosing the new ruler from choosing by people to a father-to-son kingdom. After Omayyads Abbasies came then followed by few empires to end with Ottomans as the last “Islamic” empire.
I am not about to discuss the way of rule but what I meant to show was the “Political Islam” isnt new, it is old but edited in nowdays.

All empires from Omayyads have one thing in common: they all used Islam the religion (represented by religious men) as a cover for them so nobody can blame them and any one who tries to say NO was treated like “infidel” rejecting the well of God.
It is easy to control a religious population when you have religious men on your side (shiekhs in this example).

After the Ottoman empire collapse in 1914 the last empire ruled by shiekhs was gone letting shiekhs who once where almost taking control of everything of people’s life with no power if it turned to civil countries.

So soon Islamic groups started to show up wanting “Islamic State” calling civil state and democracy “kuffar things”, MB (Muslim Brotherhood) was one of the first groups that was made by the Wahabis/Salafis that appeared in 17th and 18th centuries in Arabia.

After Arabic countries devided into many some countries including Syria, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia took the civil state choice with parliaments and republican regimes. In the other hand West didnt allow falling of Kingdoms in places with importance (Gulf and Iraq for Oil and Egypt for Suezz channel, Jordan for having too long borders with Palestine).
keeping Kingdoms was giving western powers all the control needed and that is why revolutions kicking kingdoms in Iraq and Egypt were fought.

That continued till now, kingdoms of gulf are ruled like a 10th century kingdoms (no parliament, no constitutions and who dares to
object any “royal” is punished with death or prison if lucky).
Saudi Arabia forbids women to show any part of them instead “eyes”, also car driving is forbidden! (Iran is as bad as Saudi with clothing thing).
Countries with Islamic based regimes have no freedom, no democracy and sure no human-rights (Iran is kind of better having elections and parliament with “republican” regime)

In 80s with full support of US Afghanistan joined the party with Islamis transfered to it to fight Soviets, Islamic groups were supported every where by the US (in 70s and 80s MB did horrible massacres and crimes in Syria and Egypt) but that wasnt enough as it seems to be.
2001 after the black day of Sep11 the US invaded Afghanistan pushing Islamis to go even more radical, Iraq was invaded too in 2003 for Oil in first place and helping with the Islamic project as a second priority.
then 2011 came holding the flames called “Arab Spring”, somepeople may hate the fact I dont believe in “Arab Spring” but I have good reasons for that.

the so-called spring passed throught the following countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lybia…
Now both Tunisia and Egypt has “new” govs but both are MB govs! (AlQaeda founders were all MB members, you have to know that) and like expected AQ activity went high like never before. Moving to Libya it is fully controled by AQ militias now! Yemen have a rising AQ activity too and I dont have to say anything about Syria..
That left us with 5 of the 6 “Arab Spring” countries controled or still under proccess to be controled by AQ and MB, what about the 6th? What about the ONLY spring in a kingdom? the ONLY spring without radicals? strangely it is totally ignored by all media! None talking about it!

the big picture as I see it is making all the ME controled by MB and AQ, letting them do one little mistake (in other words make it like they will do a mistake) then just erase them all. I tell you: none will feel sorry for Salafis when dying as they are terrorists, so when you make all the ME look terrorists ALL will be happy with them all erased!

Political Islam was always a tool, for the west it was a great tool but one theory says this tool has expired now..
Both ways if US did erase or let it controled by Salafis the same score it is: US wins – ME loses.

** taking about MB govs in Tunisia and Egypt you have to know this:
#a Tunisian shiekh (who is in parlyament now) propposed for a low allowing women slavery for “sexual joy” with support of Islamic party of him!

#an Egyptian parliament member of MB said on TV that the low will in Egypt will refuse age limits for marriage as it is against “Sharia'” and marrying girls at ages like 7 for example will be ok.
(I myself felt really sick for days after hearin him on TV)

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